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2018 Fishing Gear You Need

Cool fishing gear is not always based on the latest technology, sometimes you just need something reliable and really useful in hand.  Are you prepared for the upcoming season?  If you don’t have the following equipment in your fishing gear, you should consider stocking up soon!

Booms Fishing Pliers

The Booms fishing pliers features 13 separate tools that folds down into an easily stored compact pliers.  Having all of your cutting tools in one convenient place makes life much easier out on the water.  Fishermen require multiple variations of cutting and crimping tools to deal with lines and lures.  The Booms multi-tool has the ability to cut through wire leaders, crimp lead and sleeves, open split rings and many more fishing specific tasks.  Made from anodized and stainless polished steel that should last a lifetime, these pliers are a must-have so you won’t be fumbling with multiple tools.

Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+

On the hunt for a sonar fish finder packed with technology?  The Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+ is tied to the end of your line and cast out into the water.  A smartphone app allows you to survey the underwater landscape and it’s ease of use is amazing… simply tie it to your line and cast it into an area you predict has some fish.  Dubbed the “Ultimate GPS Sonar”, this gadget gives you a complete picture of what is happening down below with full GPS integration Features, 300ft or 100m wi-fi range from your phone, and a depth range 260ft.

Lindy Fish Handling Glove

Fishing requires the handling of many sharp objects, making it easy to cut and injure yourself.  Therefore, our next feature is the Lindy Fish Handling Glove and is the perfect product to protect your hands from hooks, filleting knives and other sharp objects.  If you fillet a lot of fish, you already know that a extremely sharp knife is essential for cutting clean fillets.  Originally invented to protect those in the medical industry from hypodermic needles, this glove has cut-proof material called Super Fabric on the on the palm and underside of each finger that protects from puncture wounds and knife cuts.   With a super easy cleaning process and a quick-dry fabric, you won’t soak up the rest of your gear after using it all day.  The Lindy is available in multiple sizes and is available for both right and left handed anglers.

Head to your local angler store and stock up on some new gear today, or skip that process and come on a guided fly fishing trip on the Upper Colorado River with Fly Fishing Colorado!


*Featured image courtesy of Colorado Homes and Lifestyles.


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