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Winter Fly Fishing

Winter Fly Fishing

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A common misconception in regards to fly fishing is that the sport is limited to the spring and fall seasons. However, in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, fly fishing is a year round hobby. Sure, the waters are much warmer in the spring and fall seasons, but the winter season brings exciting new challenges to the skilled angler.

Winter time fly fishing often requires a technique called tailwater fishing in which anglers cast their lines in areas where water is released from the bottom of reservoirs. These areas tend to host warmer water and create a great home for massive trout. The Blue River is a great location for tailwater fishing as it runs out of the Dillon Reservoir. The waters are frigid, but the unique downtown location of the river offers many nearby shops and restaurants to take breaks and warm up. The Colorado River also remains an ice free trout haven if you fish between the mountain towns of Granby and Kremmling. The high altitude and lack of nearby reservoir makes for extremely chilly mornings, but the bountiful amount of fish should make up for the uncomfortable temperatures. If fishing at either of these two locations, keep in mind that trout have different diets in the winter season.

Be sure to stop by a local fly shop to see what the fish are biting before heading out on your trip. You may also want to check the weather report to make sure your waders and gear match up for the harsh, Rocky Mountain winter temperatures. Spending a few extra bucks on a technical pair of waders and boots can make all the difference.

For more information on winter fly fishing or questions about fly fishing in general, contact an agent at Fly Fishing Colorado by calling 970-423-7036.


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