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Reel vs. Fly Fishing

Reel vs. Fly Fishing

Everyone in their lifetime has most likely picked up a fishing pole before.  Most parents start their kiddos with the basic rod and reel combo from the local store, as spin fishing is a very simple activity for children, while fly fishing is a bit more technical.  With a bunch of different rivers and ponds, the options are endless on what to use and where to use it.

When on a deep pond or big lake, you are going to use your spin rod.  The picture-worthy monsters sit lower in the lake, so the good amount of line on your spin rod is essential for catching these guys.  Spin fishing allows you to get a better cast further into the lake, but fly fishing can be a big bonus in deep ponds for the imitation of smaller fish.

Both rods are capable of catching any fish with the right bait on the end.  Fly fishing is mostly used in rivers and is very popular for snagging brown trout and rainbow trout. Located right here in Breckenridge, we have the Blue River that is Gold Medal water. This stretch of river is going to have some of the largest trout and must be catch and release.  In Colorado, only 322 miles of the 9,000 miles of trout stream and lakes carry the “Gold Medal” label.  With most of the water being shallow and narrow, a fly rod is going to be your winning option.

When fly fishing, you are making sure you are getting the right flies on the water for the fish to eat. Depending on the season, trouts are always looking for something to eat; sometimes a nice big streamer will do the trick and other times you’ll need a little zebra midge on the end of your line.

Colorado is filled with high alpine lakes that hold an abundance of fish. For those lakes, spin fishing is going to be the best to grab those beasts from the bottom.  When spin fishing, you are only using 1 lure compared to fly fishing when you can have up to 3 flies on one line.  Your cast is going to go farther into the lake and down deeper.  With the lure, the fish are going to be more attracted to something shiny swimming through the water rather than a little streamer that looks like a little fish.

Go find your nearest lake or river and give both types of fishing a shot.  To really hone your skills, contact us at to get out on the water for a lesson or just an adventure.


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