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Necessary Winter Fly Fishing Gear

wading-boots-patagoniaLike most cold weather activities, it is key to wear appropriate gear. Staying warm will ensure you get to fully enjoy your winter fly fishing trip. There is quite a bit of gear you should have handy if you want to fish in the winter, and this goes beyond your basic boots and a jacket kind of gear.

Base Layer

You will need to start with a base layer. I am talking from head to toe! Your base layer will consist of insulated socks. Wool socks are a great choice here; they tend to be much warmer and much more waterproof than your standard cotton socks. You will also need heavyweight base layers for your lower and upper half of your body. Heavyweight Under Armor or Patagonia long-johns are a great option. Merino wool is also a great investment for those body base layers. If you are looking for the best of the best, check out Smartwool or Mons Royale. Magellan Outdoors Heavyweight Base layers is another great option is you don’t want to break the bank.


After base layers you need mid-layers. Hoodies, light jackets or even a softshell will make all the difference. Most mid-layers are for your core only. A great brand for these layers is Colorado’s own Melanzana, based out of the historic town of Leadville. This homegrown outdoor clothing company designs, cuts, sews and sells everything out of the Leadville shop.

winter fishing_flickrTop Layers

Last but not least are your top layers. This should be a synthetic material that is water and wind proof. You can get water and wind resistant, but it will not work as well as proof will. Check out Marmot, Patagonia and Picture Organic Clothing Company. This layer should be a hard shell and weather proof.

Other items that might be a good idea to bring are insulated boots, insulated gloves, bibs, a warm hat that is weather proof, hand and foot warmers, a face mask that is weather proof, spare clothes and a towel.


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