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Gearing Up to go Fly Fishing

Gearing Up to go Fly Fishing

For anyone getting started in fly fishing, it can definitely be a little overwhelming. With the amount of gear choices, the huge selection of flies, and learning all of the best techniques to give yourself the best chances of catching that monster trout, it might make you question if it is really worth the hassle. Let me tell you, once you catch your first trout you will be hooked…..pun intended. Here are a few tips to help you get geared up when heading out to the water.

The first thing I like to do, either the night before or right away in the morning, is check the fishing report. There are numerous websites that will show water flows, what flies to use based on what insects are currently hatching, and just an overview on how the fishing has been as of late. It also isn’t a bad idea to stop into your local fly shop or give them a quick call. These guys and girls spend more time on the water than most and are a great source of information.

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The night before I like to get all my gear together and organized. I make sure my reel is working properly and, if I have an idea of where I will be fishing, I will decide on what size leader and tippet to use. With any fly fishing rig it’s important to have a properly weighted set up. If you have a very small fly and very heavy tippet, the fly will not land properly on the water and the fish will definitely realize this and swim away. I always like to check the weather report as well. Fishing in the rain is never fun and, if you are far away from your vehicle, getting stuck in a lightning storm in the high Rockies is definitely not enjoyable and very dangerous. Colorado tends to get plenty of afternoon thunder storms and it’s good to plan your day to be off the water by this time.

A few things that you do not want to forget when heading out for that fly fishing trip are plenty of sunscreen, a good pair of polarized sunglasses, and plenty of water, as the Colorado sun will definitely dehydrate you fairly quickly.

Now that you know a little about how to gear up for your next fly fishing adventure be sure to give us a call at Fly Fishing Colorado to book your next guided fly fishing trip!



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