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Fly fishing is a fishing technique that has been around for ages, some suspect since the end of the 2nd century! It appears to have originated in ancient Rome and spread to the rest of the world in the following years. Since then we have seen an incredible evolution of techniques and gear to bring us to where the sport is today. This worldwide sensation is still thriving well into the 21st century. Here are a few of the notable locations for fly fishing around the world.

Alphonse Island, The Seychelles

Located far, and I do mean far, off the coast of Tanzania, Alphonse Island is remote but incredibly breathtaking. Although you will pay a pretty penny to fish on Alphonse Island, it could very well be the prettiest place in the world to go fly fishing. The water is clear and the skies are blue. The area is plentiful with milkfish and giant trevally. Alphonse Island is very unique and offers game fishing as well.

Ascension Bay, Mexico

Located 100 miles south of Cancun, the potential to catch great game is high. Ascension Bay is known for its flats slam potential. This means that the fishermen are able to catch multiple different types of fish. This Mexican getaway offers angler flats loaded with bones and mangrove estuaries laden with snook and tarpon….meaning awesome fish!

Photo Courtesy of Brian Baca

Photo Courtesy of Brian Baca

New Mexico, United States

New Mexico has a few great spots for fly fishing. The San Juan River is a great place to catch some amazing game. Known for its trout and arm length catches, this area is one of the most reliable to make great catches. The river has become more and more popular so it’s best to go after Labor Day to score that 4 or 5 pound fish.


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