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Camp Like a Champ

All winter we’ve been waiting for the snow to clear. With summer fast approaching, the camping season is finally in sight and we’re getting ready for our first overnight fly fishing trips of the season. Camping trips may seem like an easy thing to pack for, but if you’re going to be fly fishing and trekking through the outdoors, packing can be a little more complicated.

It may seem a little overboard, but it is important to start packing for your trip a few days before hand. Get everything you need ready and pack a trial bag. How much does it weigh? You want your pack to be 20% of your body weight or less. Anything more than that is going to make walking through the wilderness more than a little difficult. Check to make sure that all your equipment is working properly. This way you don’t realize on your first night of camping that the batteries in your flashlight don’t work.

Being frugal is going to be the best advice I can give you. When it comes to clothing, bring socks to keep your feet warm and dry. Other than that you can re-wear clothes. Since you’re camping no one is really going to care what you are wearing.

Make sure you bring water. This will be the heaviest item you bring but also the most important. Getting dehydrated will surely mean an early end to your trip, along with some unpleasant side effects (think headache and fatigue) Also sunscreen, chapstick, bug spray, and first aid may seem like obvious items, but these small things will make or break your trip.

You definitely want to bring the usual camping gear (tents, sleeping bag, fire starter, etc) and, of course, everything you’ll need for fly fishing. Also check the local and state laws in the area you’ll be going to as well. Many places in Colorado are starting to require bear canisters and there tend to be fire safety laws in place in a lot of counties. Make sure you bring a compass and map and that you have food to last you and everyone in your group for the entire trip and last but not least enjoy yourself!


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