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5 Tips for Fishing with Kids

Liam-Doran-9114Fly fishing is a great outdoor sport for adults and children alike. If you are planning on bringing some kids along on your next fly fishing trip, here are a few tips for keeping things running smoothly:

  1. Like the saying goes… location location location! It’s best to find an easily accessible area with a short drive and a short walk to your fishing spot. This includes picking a good fishing area that has shallow water so kids can see the fish and touch the water. Keeps it interesting.
  2. Keep it simple and get appropriate gear. Kids can get easily frustrated when dealing with gear they don’t understand. Kid fishing kits are available and recommended. Kid friendly poles are a necessity because of size and usability – it makes it easy on the child. Keep in mind you’ll always need to help them. Aside from fishing gear don’t forget the essentials. Make sure you have water, sunscreen, bug repellent, hand wipes, chairs, blankets, and snacks.
  3. Talk positive about the trip but also give appropriate expectations about how fishing can go. Build anticipation by researching fishing videos, books, or even being a observer near a local fishing spot can really help get the child ready for what is about to happen. Keep a calm attitude about bait otherwise kids could get scared.
  4. Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

    Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

    Timing is everything! Keep the kid(s) busy; boredom is a recipe for disaster. A bored kid can turn into a bad kid, so have something for them to do just in case they do not enjoy fishing. Keep in mind the time you have the child out by the water. A fishing trip lasting only 30 minutes is common for a child’s first day out by the water. Keeping them past their interest point could make for a not so great experience.

  5. Finally, a child’s safety should be the number one concern when taking them for a fishing trip. Make sure where ever you are fishing from is clear of rocks or pebbles so the child does not slip and fall in. Ensure the child is aware of the dangers being near water. Don’t make it sound scary just educate them about the dangers. Have flotation devices close or even a lift vest for you and the child if you are on a boat.

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