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River Conditions

Arkansas River

Updated: October 9, 2017

Buena Vista Area flow: 346 CFS

With the river and the nightime temps dropping the Arkansas river is at a great level. The browns are starting to go into spawn so they are more aggressive and more beautifully colored than the rest of the year. Streamers and nymph rigs have been the most successful but pay attention to blue wing olives, trico, and pmd hatches. Be prepared to throw a dry if the opportunity presents itself.

Nymph Suggestions – Pat’s rubber leg sz 8-12, golden and brown stonefly nymphs sz 8-12, fly formerly known as prince sz 18-14, CDC hare’s ear sz 14-18, black or natural BH pheasant tail sz 14-20, two bit hooker black sz 14-18, loop egg sz 12-18, juju beatis black/purple sz 18-22, black beauty sz 18-24, disco midge purple or red sz 18-22, and rs2 black or grey with or without glitter wing sz 18-22.

Dry Fly – Stimulator yellow or orange sz 10-14, parachute adams sz 16-20, parachute bwo sz 16-20, cdc comparadun bwo sz 18-22, black midge sz 18-20, and matt’s lead trico sz 18-22.

Streamers – Slumpbuster olive or black sz 4-8, bunny leach purple or tan sz 4-10, BH flashbugger green or black sz 6-10, muddler white sz 4-10.

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Blue River

Updated: October 9, 2017

The river is at a beautiful, fishable, wadeable level. Clarity is great, and water temps are beginning to fall. The fish are spread out and are starting to feed pretty heavily as winter is around the corner. Nymph and streamer fishing are going to be the most productive with terrestrials and dry flies slowing down because of the colder weather. 

Upper Blue: below the dam – 101 cfs

Nymph Suggestions – Mysis shrimp sz 18-24, Red or black midges sz 18-26, juju bee midge bleeder sz 18-24, juju bee black/grey sz 18-24, miracle midge sz 18-24, and black beauty sz 18-24.

Streamers are a great fall fishing choice. see below

Upper Blue: North of town – 101 cfs

Nymph suggestions – Pat’s rubber leg sz 8-12, yellow/iron sally sz 14-18, beadhead pheasant tail with or without hackle sz 14-18, red or black two bit hooker sz 14-18, tungsten holy grail green or black sz 14-18, dark lord sz 16-18, hares ear with or without hackle sz 14-18, squirmy worms pink red or purple sz 12-14, and chocolate thunder sz 18-22. 

Dry flies – Parachute adams sz 16-20, elk hair caddis sz 12-18, stimulators yellow or green sz 12-18, blue wing olive sz 18-22, griffiths gnat sz 18-22, and black trico sz 18-24.

Streamers are a great fall fishing choice. A few of my favorites are slumpbusters black or green sz 4-12, autumn splendor sz 4-8, muddler minnows sz 4-12, and thin mint sz 4-8.



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Colorado River

Updated: October 9, 2017

Pumphouse – State Bridge Flows: 1290 CFS

The mighty colorado still has quite a bit of water in it. Clarity is good, 2-3 ft in places. With the lower nighttime temps the water temp is dropping and the fish are becoming very active. Dry fly fishing can be good in the mornings and especially on cloudy evenings but nymphing is the way to go. The browns are going into spawn and the streamer fishing is picking up. 

Nymph – Pat’s rubber leg sz 8-12, stonefly patterns sz 8-14, tungsten CDC pheasant tail and hares ear sz 16-20, red pink and purple squirmy worms sz 12-16, red copper john sz 16-20, loop egg pink orange or red sz 14-18, dark lord sz 14-20, tungsten holy grail green or black sz 16-20, chocolate thunder sz 18-22, miracle midge sz 18-22, disco midge red or purple sz 18-22, black beauty sz 18-22, and rs2 black or grey with glitter wing sz 18-24.

Dry Fly – Stimulator green or yellow sz 10-14, parachute BWO sz 18-22, CDC comparadun BWO sz 18-22, Parachute trico black sz 18-24, black midge sz 20-24, and griffith’s gnat 18-22.

Streamers – BH Wooly buggers green or black or white, sz 4-12, Muddler minnow white or natural sz 4-8, autumn splendor sz 4-12, and slumpbusters black olive or tan sz 4-12.


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