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River Conditions

Arkansas River

Updated: September 5, 2017

Buena Vista Area flow: 600 CFS

The river is at a lovely summertime fishing level. Clarity is very good, so try to be sneaky. Hopper Dropper season is upon us, drop your nymphs one to two feet off your hopper. Dry fly suggestions include Golden Stone Flies size 10-16, Yellow Stimulator size 8-12, Super Stimulator size 8-12, Moorish Hopper size 8-12, Amy’s Ant 12-16, Dry Caddis Patterns size 12-16 and Chubby Chernobyl bronze and black.

Nymph Suggestions include Pheasant tail with hackle size 16-20, Psycho Prince size 14-18, PMD nymphs and Emergers  size 16-20, Stone Fly Nymphs size 12-16 and Caddis Emergers size 12-16. 

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Blue River

Updated: September 5, 2017

Upper Blue / Silverthorne Area flow: 113 CFS

The water is gin clear and the fish are laying as low as the water level. The time to throw your Hopper Droppers is now. Dry fly considerations include Chubby Chernobyl’s size 12-16, Amy Ant size 12-16, Royal Wulff size 14-16, EHC size 14-20, Hi Vis PMD’s 14-18 and don’t forget your stimulators. Nymph life includes Mysis Shrimp size 18-22 directly below the damn. Pheasant Tail Black size 14-18, Caddis Emergers size 14-18 PMD’s size 16-18, squirmy worms pink, purple and red, Black Midges size 18-22 and Rock Worms size 10-14.

Lower Blue / Below Green Mountain Reservoir flow: 740 CFS

This is a heavenly level to fish this river. Clarity is very good and the fish are active. Dry flies include Sofa Pillow size 4-8, Chubby Chernobyl tan and black size 8-12, Stimulators yellow and green size 10-16, Moorish Hopper size 8-12, Amy’s Ant size 10-16. Nymph Suggestions include Patt’s RL size 8-12, Golden Stone Nymph’s size 8-14, Hares Ear green or black size 14-18, Fly formally Known as Prince size 16-20, Pheasant tail black or natural size 14-18 and squirmy worms pink, purple and red.


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Colorado River

Updated: September 5, 2017

Pumphouse – State Bridge Flows: 1,450 CFS

Clarity is very good. Up to three feet in some areas. The fish are holding in the currant. Hopper Dropper combos have been very successful with nymphs 1-3 feet below hopper depending upon water depth. Dry Flies include Chubby Chernobyl tan or black size 6-10, Amy’s ant size 10-14, Stimulators size 12-16, EHC size 14-18, Parachute Adams size 12-20, Royal Wulff size 12-18. Nymphs include Stone Fly patterns size 10-18, Patt’s RL size 8-12, Yellow Sally’s BH size 14-18, Iron Sally’s size 16-20, Black Pheasant Tail size 14-20, Psycho Prince size 16-20 and Ju Ju PMD’s size 16-20.


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